A new UK-based platform designed to boost the world’s processing power using high-end gaming PC is set to launch its platform to users by the end of this year. GAIMIN will the unused processing power available from the GPUs of high-end gaming PCs to boost global processing power virtually, effectively creating a huge global supercomputer, whilst rewarding users with cryptocurrency in exchange.

GAIMIN’s new platform will harness the “spare” processing capacity from gaming PCs that are signed up to the platform, creating a virtual source of interconnected, networked, data processing power that businesses and institutions can tap into for their own needs.

Modern gaming PCs are built with high-performance components, most notably CPUs and GPUs (graphics cards), and with the average gamer only using their device for 20% of the day, and even then, hardly ever at maximum capacity, there is a significant amount of processing power which can be put to use elsewhere. The GAIMIN platform will work completely in the background, autonomously monetizing this computing power for the gamer and offering them passive crypto rewards.

To make the rewards as usable as possible, GAIMIN will compensate the gamer in its own cryptocurrency token – GMRX. GMRX tokens will be accessed through GAIMIN’s blockchain-based wallet, and either withdrawn or more commonly spent directly in the new GAIMIN Marketplace, on NFTs, gaming assets and accessories, with gaming merchandise also planned for the future.

The GAIMIN platform will use this network of processing capacity to ‘power blockchain computations’, commonly known as mining. Blockchains form part of the underlying technology behind new advances such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. Using AI, the GAIMIN platform will select the most profitable blockchain to power from the current 10 mineable cryptocurrencies built into the system. The GAIMIN platform will have the built-in capability to scale to many more cryptocurrencies which will be implemented as their mining profitability increases and supersedes the currently configured cryptos. From this activity, 90% of the rewards are returned directly back to the GAIMIN users.

In the future, the GAIMIN data processing network will be utilised for more complex data processing tasks with real-world applications such as video rendering, future vaccine sequencing or the rendering of high load engineering CAD models enabling businesses to run high-demand data processing tasks without major infrastructure changes.

GAIMIN’s new ‘virtual’ processing power supply platform is set to be more efficient and effective alternative to the traditional approach to supplementing processing power, which relies on a business increasing its own hardware or using centralised data processing centres. It was a virtual approach similar to GAIMIN’s solution that was used by scientists at the hugely successful ‘Folding@home’ project to help understand SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.

Backed by a board of industry experts and advisors including ex-professional Esports player and strategic coach Joseph Turner, and former Credit Suisse Vice President turned regulatory and compliance consultant to Blockchain and crypto companies, Simon Quirke, the business has a wealth of experience to lean on as it launches.

Alongside the experts, seasoned investors have been quick to recognise the potential of GAIMIN’s platform, with former Manchester United player and investor Nicky Butt joining forces with the firm early on.

Martin Speight, CEO at GAIMIN, says: “The solution has been created to help address the fact that the world is running out of computing capacity, a belief echoed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the World Economic Forum.”

Martin explains, “The demand for data processing power continues to rise. Centralised data processing centres are one solution but not without their own significant limitations to both business operations and the wider public such as breaches and power outages. One solution is to decentralise the approach, taking available power within a platform of interconnected devices and creating ‘supercomputer’ processing power without the associated risks.”

“After identifying an untapped source in high powered computer gaming PCs, we have developed and built the GAIMIN solution and platform; the first of its kind directly targeting gamers, to harness this existing resource and create a highly valuable and necessary power source, while also rewarding participating gamers in purchasing power they can use directly on their gaming.”

Ahead of the launch, a number of pilot projects have been carried out to render animations from ‘real world’ examples. Martin confirmed, “This proved invaluable in terms of proof of concept along with producing exceptionally high financial rewards that would take the returns to gamers to another level”, Martin continues. “Local universities, architects and graphics studios have all been incredibly cooperative with testing and the feedback was extremely positive with regards to usability and performance.”