Roger Portnoy is currently the Co-Founder and Shares Leadership responsibilities for Porthos & Co, an RAISP regulated firm developing credit and wealth solutions for unconventional borrowers and investors.

Roger has spent 35+yrs involved in financial services, financial technology and data and analytics. In his career he has successfully launched his own fintech business on more than one occasion, as well as had numerous board and operational leadership roles in Strategy, and Corporate Development in companies involved with wealth management, capital markets infrastructure, research platforms, investment & portfolio management, and decision support. He has been fortunate to enjoyed involvement in the past 20yrs with 1 unicorn, and 1 decacorn event.

Roger is currently advising a number of large buy-out and growth equity firms that invest in Financial service/technology businesses as well as helping a number of EMEA based fintech entrepreneurs with their own scale up programs. Many of these sit in the financial well-being and customer duty of care arena, a topic of personal importance to Roger.