It can be said that COVID-19 proved to be a stimulus in making organizations adapt to Digital Reality in all domains of operations, significantly in Workflow Automation. It is mostly done for iterative tasks but with the pandemic, this need spread across other areas as well, for Financial Institutions.

The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) hasn't been a new concept until recently the organizations learned to value and optimize their workflow automation processes through integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI), giving the firepower to Financial Institutions in leading their Digital Transformation journey.

To help Financial Institutions how they can embark successfully on their Workflow Automation path using AI technology and innovation, Group Futurista, a leading Global events, and PR company is hosting the 'Future of Workflow Automation for FI' webinar on Feb. 3, 2021, at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT.

The webinar is a unique platform bringing together 150+ key decision-makers to exchange valuable insights and network among the leading BFSI companies, leading Banking Institutions, and Financial experts across Europe and North America.

The registration for the webinar is free and interested participants can sign up for the event, here. We're glad to partner with our Platinum Sponsors - Camunda (end-to-end process automation for increased agility and faster delivery), Workfusion (augmenting workflows using digital robots in Intelligent Automation Solutions), Signavio (delivering BPM solution that combines sophisticated modeling to create a single source of truth), and Gold Sponsors - Onit (driving operational and process improvements by streamlining business processes); Mitratech (deepening organizational alignment and increasing visibility for corporate legal departments and risk & compliance professionals).

Keynote Speakers:

Christian Wolf - Head of Business Organisation and Process, W&W Group

Topic: Digital Transformation: Reconfiguring your organization to take full advantage of Workflow Automation

Tobias Stegemann - Consultant, Camunda Services GmbH

Topic: Automate any Process, Anywhere: Reinventing Process Automation for Financial Institutions

Ange Johnson de Wet - Head of Technology Change Risk, Lloyds Banking Group

Topic: Ethics by design in intelligent automation

Dan Cohen - Consultant, Signavio

Topic: Bring Your Process Models to Life with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Kyle Hoback - Director, Intelligent Automation, Workfusion

Topic: Operational Improvement is more than Maximizing STP: Tales from Anti-Money Laundering

Robert Johnson - Managing Director, Onit, Inc

Topic: Workflows: Thinking Fast and Slow

Jonathan Dedman - Product Expert, Mitratech Holdings

Topic: Expect Success - Using Process Automation To Transform Compliance for Financial Services

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