Zurich, Switzerland - Zurich-based FinTech FQX wins the FinTech Germany Awards 2021 in the category “Foreign Entrant into the German Market”, two months after winning the Swiss FinTech Awards 2021 for Early stage startups.

Yesterday night, FQX was crowned the winner of the FinTech Germany 2021 Award, surpassing various high profile companies. In less than 3 years, FQX has managed to build a unique Blockchain-based infrastructure for electronic promissory notes, globally accessible by Banks and FinTechs.

Just like PayPal for consumers, eNotes can be integrated into banks or FinTech platforms. As a first-mover, FQX has the potential to become the de-facto standard for eNotes globally. FQX is radically facilitating trade finance & money markets by using eNotes™ , a disruptive short-term financing & payment instrument. In essence, an eNote™ is an unconditional promise to pay a specific sum to another party at a specific future date.

Corporations can issue eNotes to investors or vice versa, directly receiving liquidity. This way, commercial papers and certificates of deposits can be disrupted. Also, buyers can use eNotes to pay invoices from their suppliers – even directly out of SAP - and those suppliers can instantly sell them to investors. Lastly, FQX provides the eNote infrastructure as an integrable solution to existing financing and fintech providers.

Stephan D. Meyer Co-Founder & Co-CEO of the company said: “FQX uses a global unconditional promise to pay, combines it with banking-grade DLT and the result is one of the most powerful financing and payment instruments in the world: eNotes. We very proud that FQX is awarded with this prize in the category „foreign“ and is in good company with reputable fintechs such as Revolut, TransferWise and Quonto.”

"It‘s both humbling and motivating, being honored with this Award, in such an impressive company of other startups“, said Benedikt Schuppli, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of FQX.

The eNote™ is based on Blockchain technology and can be flexibly sold and transferred to any third party (i.e. an investor). When compared to other financing options, eNotes™ as negotiable instruments outperform through their financial steering capabilities and global transferability. eNotes™ are based on the globally proven, formerly paper-based “promissory notes”. It provides a tech and legal infrastructure for both asset origination partners (banks, fintechs, commodity trading platforms, treasury management systems) and liquidity provision partners (banks, private debt funds, corporate treasuries).

For further information: enotes.tech

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