PerxReward (an EML product) has helped companies to thank over 43% more employees working from home around the country in 2020 compared to figures for 2019 with once-off and eco-friendly virtual prepaid Mastercard rewards cards. Usage of the plastic alternative virtual cards has surged by an enormous 155.5% year on year.

Remote workers have been reached, rewarded and thought of by employers wherever they live with an engaging team performance tool to keep staff motivated to achieve. The incentive cards can bespent in 53 million locations worldwide. Yet, Perx Reward has found that customers enjoy having the option of choosing to spend their reward in local shops around Ireland. Clients can opt to restrict the spending on the cards to within Ireland only.

LeeBritton, CEO EMEA at EML commented:''Put simply, we're rewarding hard work. Our wonderful team realise that happy teams work smarter and help the businesses they work for to increase productivity and profitability in these challenging times. We're proud that Perx Reward's fully customisable, cloud-based platform is built for scale as more and more business owners choose to recognise their staff in a meaningful way.''