Open Future World has released its annual Open Finance Global Rankings, highlighting the organisations, countries and individuals who are leading progress in open finance around the world.

Data platforms dominate the company rankings, with Plaid, Nordigen, TrueLayer, MX and Mastercard (owner of the Aiia and Finicity platforms) taking the first five spots.

The top twenty gives a broader impression of the wider open finance ecosystem. Featured organisations include payments providers GoCardless, Ecospend and Token, small business data provider Codat and embedded finance experience company Railsr.

While companies in the UK and US continue to attract the most coverage, the full list goes well beyond this. Over 1,000 organisations from almost 80 countries are represented.

New for this year, the rankings also name the individuals offering the most interesting viewpoints and insights. Financial services commentators Eyal Sivan, Ron Shevlin, Dave Birch and Alex Johnson top the list – reflecting how significant open finance has become to the wider fintech movement.

“After a year that has seen plenty of challenges, the global rankings are a timely reminder of just how much the open finance movement is achieving – and how much more there is to come,” commented Open Future World co-founder Marie Walker.

Rankings are calculated based on appearances in Open Future World’s widely-read Daily Edit of news, opinions, launches and raises. The complete archive – with over 5,000 entries covering both 2022 and earlier years – is freely available online, and fully searchable for mentions of any particular company, country, individual or topic.