Paris - Today, Open Banking Exchange (OBE) announced a partnership with Asia’s leading open finance technology company, Brankas, to develop Open Banking and Open Finance across the region.

Open Banking Exchange was established to leverage the past achievement and know-how of Open Banking Europe, enabling open banking and open finance communities around the world find practical solutions to issues relating to open banking and open finance.

By bringing market players together to provide a collaborative environment for exchanging experiences and solving problems via guidance, standards and tools, OBE turns vision into operational reality.

Brankas provides open finance technology solutions to financial institutions and digital businesses across the Asia-Pacific region and, through their local knowledge and expertise, will ensure that the OBE program is made relevant for the national market.

OBE Asia, led by Brankas’ Todd Schweitzer, will bring ecosystem members together through educational events and publications, with support and input from regulators and national banks, to help drive financial inclusion and resilience in the region.

OBE will be sharing best practice and learnings from other regions globally to enable the creation of common standards and rules both at a country specific and regional level.

“We have a proven track record in supporting the ecosystem in the evolution of Open Banking and Open Finance across Europe, and other international markets,” said John Broxis, Managing Director, Open Banking Exchange. "Each country and jurisdiction are different, so there is no model that fits them all. Through OBE Asia, there will be many opportunities for collaboration and learning and we believe that Todd and his team are best placed to support us in the region.”

Todd Schweitzer, Director of OBE Asia commented: “John and the Open Banking Exchange team have unparalleled experience in enabling ecosystem members to successfully turn regulatory standards and rules into operational reality. We believe that combined with our local market expertise, the Open Banking Exchange Membership Programme can bring real value to the open banking community in Asia.”