With a shared ethos of creating value for open finance innovators, two leading knowledge providers, WhiteSight and Open Future World are delighted to announce their strategic partnership.

This collaboration combines WhiteSight’s research and analysis expertise with Open Future World’s search engine, directory and data insights on launches, raises, opinions and progress milestones. A series of projects in 2023 will provide free access to premium content, coupled with peer networking and review.

"Open ecosystems driven by data sharing, accessibility, and collaborative innovation are the future, and we at WhiteSight are excited to partner with Open Future World as a knowledge partner to explore these possibilities. This collaboration allows us to leverage our complementary capabilities to bring significant value to the FinTech ecosystem and we are eager to work together to make it a success." said WhiteSight Founder & CEO, Sanjeev Kumar.

“Cutting through the noise to get to the heart of issues and sharing those essential updates and observations really helps busy innovators. Charting progress enables us all to spot opportunities; and discussing these with peers is hugely beneficial to make those opportunities become reality” said Marie Walker, Co-founder of Open Future World.

“We highly rate WhiteSight’s independent research capabilities and coupling this with the extensive resources on our global platform will enable us to provide even more support to the open banking, open finance and open future community”.