Krepling, one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms on the market, has announced the launch of the world’s first agnostic digital wallet for ecommerce, Krepling Pay. Unlike the platform’s existing competitors – Apple, Google, ShopPay – Krepling Pay is compatible with every device and every browser, providing users with a truly versatile payments solution. 

Right now, ecommerce merchants are facing a $1 trillion problem. According to the Krepling Commerce Consumer Report 2021, 70% of customers abandon their cart at checkout, failing to complete purchases. And in the majority of instances, this is due to poor payment processes. While 37% of shoppers are deterred by long and complex forms, a further 23% resent the need to create an account prior to making a purchase. And 8% of abandoned baskets are attributed to merchants not providing enough ways to pay. 

Providing an optimised 1-click checkout with no passwords or forms, Krepling Pay provides a simple solution to all of those problems. The checkout process, which is entirely localised according to currency and language preferences, enables merchants to benefit from cross-border commerce. 

Optimised for conversions, Krepling Pay provides the ultimate solution for seamless both one-off and recurring transactions, generating more complete checkouts and more repeat purchases. And operating with five fewer clicks and eight fewer fields than regular e-commerce gateways, each transaction is processed between 45-100 seconds faster than other payment types. 

The Krepling Pay system has also been devised for simple integration with existing stacks, to enable as many merchants as possible to benefit from the new technology. 

Liam JE Gerada, Founder & CEO of Krepling, comments: ‘There are an estimated 12 million – 24 million ecommerce sites currently in operation, with the vast majority managed by independent merchants. And yet there remains a significant divide between the services available to SMEs and corporations. Ensuring that the large, established brands always have the edge. 

‘With Krepling Pay, we’re seeking to level the playing field. Providing small and medium-sized businesses with the payments solutions they need to attract and retain customers. If all the hurdles preventing a smooth checkout are removed, more customers will feel confident enough to complete their transactions, helping businesses to grow. And that’s the main ambition of the solution. 

"As the world’s first 1-click checkout and agnostic digital wallet for ecommerce, Krepling Pay holds a huge amount of potential for a wide range of businesses. And we’re really excited to see how merchants respond to the solution."