UK: ​​The EMI Jeton, whose services are available in over 100 countries across the world, and who also have their representative office in the UK and hold an FCA license, has chosen Konsentus Verify to protect its customers from unauthorised third parties gaining access to valuable account data and funds.

Jeton is a payment provider that enables its users to securely pay online and transfer money around the world. Shoppers and merchants use Jeton's trusted e-wallet and all-in-one account solution to make fast and secure payments, across 70 payment methods and 50 currencies, in more than 100 countries.

Konsentus Verify is an infrastructure platform enabling Financial Institutions to transact safely and securely within the open banking and open finance ecosystems. Verify checks a third party’s identity and regulatory status each time it attempts to access a Financial Institution’s Open Banking API. The information is sourced in real-time directly from the hundreds of databases and registers across the EEA and UK and passed back to the Financial Institution in real-time, through a single API, so informed risk management decisions can be made.

Saaly Temirkanov, CEO, Jeton, commented: “Ensuring we keep our customers’ data and funds safe and secure has always been our priority. Implementing Konsentus Verify means we can satisfy growing customer demand for digital payments, confident in the knowledge that transactions are being safeguarded.”

Mike Woods, CEO, Konsentus, stated: “Jeton prides itself on its security standards and ensuring it can provide its customers with fast and secure access to data and funds. Working across markets and with multiple third parties increases Jeton’s exposure to risk, so we are delighted to partner with them so they can continue to provide trusted and secure payment solutions to their customers.”