Biometric technologies are rapidly becoming known to people around the world and are affecting their lifestyles to a considerable extent. Through integration with mobile devices, people interact with some form of biometric authentication daily. Biometric trends are going to affect diverse sectors that require personal identification, such as medicine, banking services, marketing research, and many other industries

In the upcoming years, Biometric Technologies will be introduced everywhere. Plastic cards will recede into the background soon, and fingerprint scans will become a standard daily operation.

Over 75% of U.S. consumers have used some sort of biometric technology, ranging from fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to signature dynamics and hand geometry. Businesses are also seeing the security and convenience advantages of utilizing biometric technologies in their organization.

Group Futurista's upcoming webinar on 'Future of Biometric Authentication' will discuss the latest trends and solutions to reduce unauthorized access that will make the transactions more secure.

Date - 9th April 2021

Time - 1000 hrs ET / 1500 hrs BST

You can access the Webinar for free and can register here:

We'd also like to mention Crayonic (Platinum), Zwipe (Gold), and Phonexia (Gold) as our Sponsors for the Webinar.

Topics of Discussion

  • How Biometric Authentication can change the Future of Security in Mobile Banking
  • The rise of Biometric Technology in Banking
  • Leveraging Biometrics and passwordless security for next generations retail stores
  • Frontiers in biometrics technology: Exploring the Emerging trends in Digital space

Our Keynote Speakers

David Doret: IT Risk & Cybersecurity/PAM Manager at IAM/BNP Paribas

Topic: TOME: Strengthening the semantic foundations of IAM

Peter Kolarov: Founder & CEO of Crayonic

Topic: Intelligent Adaptive Authentication: A dynamic Access Management solution for banking & FI

André Løvestam: CEO of Zwipe

Topic: Biometric Payment Cards – PIN-free, Touch-free, and Safe

Paul Morris: Global Sales Manager of Commercial Sector at Phonexia

Topic: Frictionless Voice Biometric


Vanessa Leite: Senior Manager Cybersecurity at ANZ

Topic: How Biometric Authentication can change the Future of Security in Mobile Banking

Phil Lam: Executive Director of Identity

Technology and Transformation Services at GSA

Topic: How Biometric authentication can assist the government for Customs and Border security

Furthermore, the panel discussion will include Crayonic, Zwipe, and Phonexia and they'll be discussing 'Biometric Authentication in 2021: trends we should look forward to'.

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