WANAKA, New Zealand 0x_nodes, the new cross-chain liquidity platform for broad yield aggregation strategies, today announced the launch of liquidity mining starting June 1, in collaboration with CFI/Samurai stakepad. After successfully completing a $500,000 USD Initial Dex Offering (IDO) in 36 hours, the 0x_nodes signature token $BIOS has been trending on the dextools platform in the #1 position for over a week.

As the cryptosphere is transitioning into a multichain universe, the 0x_nodes protocol (LEGBA) will be both a liquidity aggregation system, as well as a multichain yield aggregation platform. Designed as a ‘one stop shop’ where Defi users deposit assets, and freely design their own yield aggregation strategies, the additional lending feature designed to free users from a single chain ecosystem is poised to fundamentally change the way that users interact with their digital assets.

0x_Nodes is headed by longtime crypto veterans “owl” and Swanson (Daniel McFarland and Daniel McMahon). “owl”, a former USMC combat veteran who transitioned to the private technology sector in 2006 has long been immersed in systems architecture and writing and designing custom protocols. Swanson is a long time industrial and product designer with years of startup experience.  

"Fundamentally liquidity aggregation is segmented in an unsustainable way, both on a single chain and in the multichain universe,” said “owl”, co-founder 0x_nodes.  “0x_nodes will solve this through the rapid deployment of a protocol that will smooth liquidity not only between decentralized exchanges but also multi-chain decentralized exchanges.”

The stakepad will run from June 1, 2021 until July 31, 2021 with staggered rewards in the amount of 50,000 $BIOS tokens. Currently the 0x_nodes token is active on Sushiswap. As a part of the stakepad launch users will be able to stake their SLP tokens, and their native tokens to earn BIOS tokens.

In addition to the collaboration with CFI/Samurai, 0x_nodes will be launching a standalone staking platform on their website with a 150,000$ USDT rewards pool.  This staking platform will run concurrently with the CFI/Samurai stakepad.

0x_nodes key features and benefits:

  • Multi-asset Settlements -- Flexible strategies which optimize settlement for the individual user.
  • Internal Distribution Pools for On-chain Swaps which provide a unified user experience for asset exchange with subsidized fee structure
  • Cross Chain Interfaces -- Secure transport layer applications enables instantaneous liquidity transfer
  • Developer Integrations which provide third party access to liquidity, custom swapping mechanisms and other functionalities
  • Synthetic Cross Chain Swaps --- Collateralized assets to facilitate movement of liquidity cross chain.
  • Collateralized Central Yield Storage provides access to yield in the form of self paying loans with redemption on users desired chain.

The 0x_nodes team has been releasing coded ciphers throughout their launch process in an effort to educate the cryptosphere on the cryptographic side of cryptocurrency. The rollout included educational content and a teaser campaign which culminated in unlocking a wallet worth over $15,000 USD at the time of unlock.

Prior to the IDO, 0x_nodes raised $3.7 million in private funding through only 15% of the total supply. Techemy capital, Magnus Capital, SkyVision Capital, MW Partners, Rarestone, Blocksync Ventures, and Launchcode capital all participated in the round.