LARNACA, CYPRUS – Advapay, a digital core banking platform for fintechs, today announced a new partnership with iSPIRAL, a regulatory technology software provider of AML, KYC, Risk and Compliance solutions. The partnership will bring significant advantages to Advapay`s fintech clients connecting the fully-fledged Core Banking platform with the functionality of iSPIRAL`s RegTek+ solution for AML, KYC, risks and compliance.

From now on, the integration with iSPIRAL will be available on the list of ready-to-deploy integrations of Advapay`s Core Banking platform Macrobank. iSPIRAL`s solution will help Advapay`s clients, digital banks, and financial institutions to spot and avoid suspicious transactions and mitigate money-laundering risks that are necessary to comply with the highest AML and KYC standards. Advapay’s platform users will not only be able to grant safe and secure access to their customers and have an extra layer of transaction security but also will benefit from smooth and fast operational processes that are relevant in increasing seamless customer experience.

As a result, Advapay platform, powered by iSPIRAL` solution will provide AML compliance, PEP and Sanction checks, real-time transaction monitoring, screening, and post-transaction monitoring in a secure and fully automated mode.

“We share the belief that nowadays a highly intelligent and secure AML compliance and transaction monitoring process is a must. iSPIRAL’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions and their experienced team gave us great comfort and confidence to partner with them,” says Gustav Korobov, Sales Director at Advapay. “This is tremendous added value for our clients who will benefit from a speedy integration process. Given the nature of iSPIRAL integration, we have created a new way for our clients to access AML, KYC, Risk and Compliance functionality without waiting for months for new development.”

Christos Ttiniozou at iSPIRAL, says: “Having a fast, secure and seamless KYC & AML process is essential in building trust with customers and complying with regulatory requirements. Our RegTek+ solution will reduce manual workloads and time spent on customer identity verification and operations. We are looking forward to continuing our fruitful partnership and are excited to expand our technology to new regions.