Overview this week

Based on our requirements, I am featuring 17 transactions this week for companies based in Europe, APAC and North America.  My coverage features a number of pre-seed through to B round financings as well as a number of venture backed deals involving corporate investors alongside more traditional early and mid-stage investors in early scale-up stages of development. Segment wise, the deals in the last week were diversified, featuring a few involving core infrastructure for fintech, crypto and insurtech services, a few focused on lending (consumer, home and, sme) and a few others on alternative investing. Certain propositions featured the co-mingling of digitization, personalization and digital advisory, while others linked together embedded finance with an accompanied service offering. These types of solution designs are often connected with non-traditional business models and thus are designed to win over clients in two distinct ways.

week transactions sept 2022

US Early-Stage Fintech, Insurtech and Crypto Related Funding Last week

Innovation Themes per deal: API Design & Crypto Partnership, Insurance Use Case for ML/AI Analytics, Integration of Embedded Insurance APIs & Claims Management, Transaction Automation (FX Rollover, Digital & Personalized, Financial Engineering for Enabling Business Model Innovation, Digitized and Scalable Advisory Model, Integrated Platform Design

Solid/solidfi.com/Infrastructure (Banking)

Bringing Together BAAS, PAAS, and Card Issuance as a service with a complementary partnership model for Crypto Service provision

Fairmatic/fairmatic.com/Auto Insurance

Providing solutions to assist fleet owners in specialist higher risk vehicle market acquire better insurance prices using a Telematics based approach.

SureBright/www.surebright.com/Insurance as a Service              

Operating in the Embedded Finance space enabling Merchants to embed insurance products (protection) and claims mgmt into their e-commerce experience seamlessly

FX HedgePool/www.fxhedgepool.com/Institutional FX

An innovative solution for solving the credit/liquidity challenges by building a transaction automation model using a p2p rollover approach

Credit Mountain/www.creditmountain.co/Personal Lending    

A platform providing personal finance tools and guidance in relation to personal credit goals to help clients improve their credit worthiness

Groundfloor/www.groundfloor.us/Real Estate Investing             

A save and income investment platform that is based on earned income from real-estate project financing lending based on bridging facilities

Own Up/www.ownup.com/Home Ownership  

Building a digital advisory and brokerage platform to help borrowers get the best mortgage financing deals

Kemet Trading/kemettrading.com/Infrastructure (Digital Derivatives) 

Seeking to provide the complete platform and integration services to support institutional use of crypto derivatives

European Early-Stage Fintech, Insurtech and Crypto Related Funding Last week

Innovation Themes per deal: Digital Process Automation with Personalization, Alternative Business Model, Provision of Blockchain & Stablecoin for frictionless payments, Digitization with Scalable Advice on demand, Front Loaded Business Model with Tokenization, Fully Integrated Platform Design

Billogram/www.billogram.com/Invoicing & Billing        

An interactive invoice that is designed to be used by companies that are seeking to manage recurrent payments more efficiently and with a higher customer engagement

Assetz Capital/www.assetzcapital.co.uk/SME Financing & Lending        

Established p2p Business lending platform used by both institutional and retail clients with accessible via an IF ISA


Offering automated next day payments based on a flat fee that is also suitable for sub-merchant on-boarding process

paywith.glass/paywith.glass/Infrastructure (Digital Payments)

Seeking to build an instant and very low fee payments infrastructure based around the use of stablecoins and blockchain

Justhome/justhome.co/en/Home Financing      

Providing the German market with a digital mortgage brokerage and advisory experience to boost homeownership

GreenTrade/greentrade.tech/Carbon Credits/Impact Claiming

Developing Long-Term purchase agreements for carbon credits so that developers of sustainable financing can gain access to liquidity faster

Criptonite Asset Management/www.criptoniteam.com/Cryptocurrency Asset Management

Providing a full-service solution for developing a crypto investment portfolio using research, analytics and educational tools

Asia-Pacific Early-Stage Fintech, Insurtech and Crypto Related Funding Last week

Innovation Themes per deal: APIs & Integration for Verification, Platform Capabilities, Alternative Mechanism and Business Model for Lending

International Payments Identity(IPiD)/ipid.tech/Payment Verification  

Seeking to build a secure but simplified cross border payment solution based on phone numbers and proxy information

BANCO/banco.com.sg/Receivable Financing     

An integrated solution that aims to improve SME cash flows via easily arranged and tracked receivable financing

Chippit/chippit.com.au/Lending & Savings Platform      

Building a savings and lending platform that is based on a pooled friends/family design concept particularly aimed at students