London-based Weavr announces an update that adds a new level of convenience for cardholders to add their cards to Apple Pay and Google Wallet, improving digital security and card usage, and in turn fuelling transaction growth for embedded finance innovators.

The technology-first fintech has revealed its latest product features, a gamechanger for its digital innovators, who can now offer embedded finance cardholders in their applications a convenient and secure user experience rivalling that of the challenger banks.

Following Weavr’s latest updates, end users can quickly and conveniently add embedded finance payment cards to their Google Wallet or Apple Pay in just a few taps, instead of having to take manual steps to input card details. It’s the combination of speed, security, and efficiency for consumers and commercial card users that allows Weavr’s innovators to continue to drive rapid growth in market adoption of embedded finance.

Weavr, the embedded finance disruptor, is working with digital businesses to unleash innovation across a host of sectors including people management, supply chain and the gig economy with its pioneering Financial Plug-ins.

The Financial Plug-ins provide transformative financial capabilities and have already been deployed by leading innovators across sectors, such as creator cash-flow app, MONET, universal invoice-netting solution, Troc Circle, and finway, a holistic financial management platform for SMEs. 

This month, Weavr has deployed a raft of product updates to improve the convenience and security for end users, further enhancing the value of the Financial Plug-in products.  The key updates that have been rolled out in September are:

  • The ability to push embedded finance payments cards to mobile wallets quickly in a seamless user experience without having to input card details manually
  • A choice of ready-made features for app developers implementing multi-factor authentication on outgoing payments in mobile-first designs
  • The facilitation of mobile-friendly identity checks for convenient, highly converting new user onboarding

Historically, when implementing financial features in digital contexts, application developers have often found themselves trying to compromise between security and customer experience. In a scenario where one would typically come at the expense of the other, these product updates now represent a rare win-win for security and convenience. In Weavr’s case, the team has spent considerable time continuously developing updates to ensure that integrating and running the compliant and convenient user journeys is as easy as possible.

Furthermore, the ability to add embedded payment cards - including virtual cards - to mobile wallets presents a smooth user experience which encourages usage of these new cards in users’ daily lives.

By adopting Weavr’s Financial Plug-ins, particularly in light of these updates, digital innovators can now gain an advantage over their competitors and quickly bring embedded finance innovations to market faster, tackling advanced payment card use cases with secure, easy-to-use flows for consumers.

An example from an existing Weavr innovator, nine months ago cardholders made an average of 2.1 transactions per month per embedded finance payment card, rising to 15.6 transactions currently - resulting in an over a 700% increase in transaction volume, with mobile wallets playing a major part in this growth at almost one-third of transactions and still growing the fastest.

Speaking on the development, Daniel Greiller, CCO of Weavr commented: “We are proud to announce our latest series of product updates, which will support the widespread user adoption of embedded finance payment cards.

“At Weavr, we believe that digital innovators are rapidly catching on to the potential of embedded finance in their respective sectors, however, they are naturally querying the challenge imposed by solving  regulation, security and user experience all at the same time. We feel privileged to put their minds at ease with our Plug-and-Play approach to embedded finance, with these updates further demonstrating our commitment to the mission of making embedded finance radically easier to implement, run, and scale.”