Trusted home security expert, Yale, has teamed up with leading home insurance provider, Locket, to give people who invest in smart security products a fairer price for putting preventative measures in place.

Speaking of the partnership, Joanne Rush, Marketing Director at Yale UK, said: “With the consistent growth in the smart security market and our focus on bringing trusted gadgets to our customers, a partnership with Locket has been a natural next step for Yale.”

Yale will be partnering with Locket as part of the Locket Insiders Programme. This is a longitudinal study aiming to add to the evidence-base that smart homes truly are safer homes. Participants will be granted additional smart technology to protect their homes and will need to report any incidents where the tech has helped to keep them safe.

Rob Balderstone, Chief Marketing Officer at Locket, said of the partnership: “There’s already evidence to suggest that smart technology really does make your home safer. But the scope is still very limited - we also want to understand more about those incidents that don’t make it through to the point at which you’d claim on your insurance.

“We believe that our members deserve a price based on how well they are actively protecting their homes with technology. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’re joining forces with leading home security expert, Yale, to offer a reduction in people’s premiums when they protect their homes with Yale smart devices.”

From smart alarms, smart door locks to security cameras, there are a range of smart home security products on the market today, giving homeowners complete control, convenience and peace of mind over their smart security.

The recent partnership between Yale and Locket gives an opportunity for homeowners opting for this intuitive technology to be rewarded for their investment, understanding the key benefits of smart security gadgets and how they can offer heightened security for their home.