Fresh from being named as the world’s fastest growing fraud prevention company, SEON is excited to launch an original new web series alongside András Arató, the man depicted in the famous ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ meme. 

Online fraud fighters, SEON has partnered with fellow Hungarian compatriot, András Arató, the man featured in the hugely popular ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ memes, to create three engaging new videos. The original pieces of content have been shot and directed by the company’s new Creative Director, Video & Audio, Michael Beddoes and demonstrate SEON’s innovative approach to marketing within the fraud prevention sector and beyond. 

At first glance, András Arató and SEON may seem like an unorthodox pairing but dig a little deeper and you’ll see the two have a lot in common. With shared beginnings in Budapest, the Hungarian natives have gone on to reach millions of people in the last few years, via the internet. In fact, it could be argued they are their nation’s two biggest exports to the web. Now, they are coming together to embark on a truly out-of-the-box media campaign.

The web series, entitled ‘Behind The Pain’, takes the form of a mockumentary. It follows Harold as he explains how his life has been impacted by being globally famous online. The short videos, which have been put forward for this year’s Webby Awards and the Shorty Awards strike a comedic tone, while also highlighting the importance of protecting one’s identity online, as well as the negative effects of not doing so. The first episode from the series has already received over 100,000 views on YouTube. 

Spearheading the exciting campaign is SEON’s new Creative Director, Video & Audio, Michael Beddoes. An experienced creative, writer and producer, with skills in comedy and commercial directing, Michael has over a decade of experience overseeing the creation of award winning films, content for internationally recognised brands and documentaries for the likes of ASOS, Deliveroo and Netflix. Moving forward, he will head up in-house creative and production for SEON, dealing with everything from new concept ideation, script writing and production oversight.  

Speaking on the publication of the videos, Michael Beddoes, Creative Director, Video & Audio commented: "It's a pleasure to work for SEON and to contribute my skills to their mission of creating a fraud free world. I think the sweet spot for content is when you can entertain and inform at the same time. The 'Behind The Pain' series is a fantastic example of this and showcases the company's forward thinking approach to creative content.”

"There is an excitement within SEON about doing things differently. The company wants to maximise the creativity within its output and build a reputation as thought leaders within the fraud fighting game. From a marketing perspective, the company is breaking new ground in the sector. We want people to come on a journey with us and our content. I genuinely can't wait to see what we put together next."

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