VICTORIA, BC RealtyServer, the global provider of Multi Listing Platform Software to Real Estate Boards, and Syngrafii, the global eSignature company which provides the ability to execute original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents, today announced a channel and technology partnership that will include RealtyServer integrating Syngrafii’s iinked Sign™ eSignature and Video Signing Room™ solutions into its platform.

RealtyServer software, deployed in 14 countries, is designed to optimize efficiency and simplify the technical environment that serves Multi Listing Platform Associations, Brokers and Sales Professionals. The RealtyServer Systems product suite includes Xposure™ the latest in Multi Listing Platforms for the real estate sector, which allows Agents to search, list, and manage listings within its intuitive structure. The Private Client Services product provides the advantage in client satisfaction and lead generation.

“This channel partnership builds on our commitment to provide REALTORS® with the best technologies that continue to build on professionalism and client satisfaction within our industry” said Darren Schneider, CEO of RealtyServer. “Integrating Syngrafii technology will not only provide our clients with the utmost in compliant eSignature tools – it will also have a positive effect on consumer confidence during the remote signing and recording of the buy sell process.”

“Our collaboration with RealtyServer is an exciting opportunity for Syngrafii to introduce its suite of remote signing technologies to the real estate sector, initially in British Columbia, and then across Canada. Integrating iinked Sign™ and Video Signing Room™ technologies will provide real estate professionals, Buyers and Sellers with an efficient, easy to use document management process, along with enhanced consumer protection via recording of critical parts of the transaction. This will allow real estate professionals to focus on giving their clients increased service while still being able to expand the number of property sales and leases closed,” said Matthew Gibson, Syngrafii co-founder and CEO. “

Syngrafii has over 45 granted and pending applications for its pioneering e-Signature iinked Sign™; robotic LongPen®, and Video Signing Room™ technologies. The Syngrafii VSR™ all-in-one electronic signing solution enables compliant signing, witnessing, and secure storage of documents in a live video-conferencing session that accommodates multiple document signers. VSR™ preserves the biometric protection of a traditional signature, mitigates the risk of fraudulent behaviour, provides enhanced consumer protection, and supports businesses’ increased technology needs for remote collaboration.

The Syngrafii platform is also available as a hosted White Label and on Client Cloud Solution.