‘Bridge To Next’ offers not only professional support – full- and part-time jobs, visa assistance and relocation services – but also personal and emotional support through mental health and childcare services, language instruction and community outreach

LONDON, UK – Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation company, launched Bridge To Next today, a holistic work/life restoration program that is open to anyone with SPEED (Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering or Data & AI) capabilities who is living in a country directly affected by the war in Ukraine.  Publicis Sapient developed the program in partnership with Publicis Groupe.  Bridge To Next offers:

- Professional support, including full- and part-time jobs for talent working from their home countries, as well as visa and relocation services for those who choose to move. For Ukrainians who are unable to leave Ukraine, Publicis Sapient is making remote work available. 

- Personal and emotional support for talent and their families through stress, anxiety and PTSD counselling, developed and customised by Thrive, a behaviour change technology company; childcare services; and language lessons through eTutor and other language platforms in Ukrainian, Polish, English, Arabic and other languages.

- Access to communal workspaces in any country where the company or Publicis Groupe have offices.

Arthur Sadoun, global CEO and Chairman of Publicis Groupe, commented: “As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, we are more committed than ever to our people-first approach and looking after our 350 Publicis people and their families. Bridge To Next from Publicis Sapient extends that help even further by providing a full and industry-leading work/life restoration program beyond our Publicis borders in order to help displaced tech and consulting talent affected by the war rebuild their futures with more support, optimism and community.” 

“We’ve watched in horror at the human suffering unfolding from the war in Ukraine.  At the same time, we’ve seen how these challenging times have shown the best of our humanity and we need to stand together as one global community,” said Nigel Vaz, CEO of Publicis Sapient.  “Through Bridge To Next, our goal is not just to offer jobs and visas to talent in the technology/engineering or consulting space whose lives have been disrupted by the war in Ukraine.  We’re using our recruitment backbone and infrastructure to provide other services that are just as important: a safe place to stay, and a network of support – from stress therapy and childcare to language lessons and community outreach.  Impactful and meaningful help is what is critical during this time of disruption and uncertainty.” 


50-year-old Ukrainian Alina Kapshyk was residing in Kyiv when the war erupted in Ukraine.  Hiding in a bomb shelter, she lost her job as she couldn’t work.  She risked her life by leaving the shelter, seeking a place where she had wifi to conduct job interviews.  On March 20, within days of interviewing with Publicis Sapient, she landed a job as a business analyst focused on cloud technology, based in Poland.  Two days later, she left Kyiv in a car that drove her through dangerous terrain and arrived in Warsaw 23 hours later.  The head of Publicis Sapient’s Poland office Greg Shuler greeted and invited her to stay with his family.  She was then offered relocation services.  Kapshyk says she was drawn by the company’s culture, policies and shared experiences.  She adds, “Today, I can sleep at night, walk to my co-working space as I need that time for rehabilitation, and study.”  Despite the hardships she and her family have faced, she says, “We’re not victims, we’re living, we’re surviving.”


For Bridge To Next, Publicis Sapient has partnered with the behaviour change technology company Thrive to provide well-being resources, including science-backed Microsteps for coping with stress in the moment, practical ways to recharge mentally and physically, and tips for strengthening connections with others.

Publicis Sapient has also partnered with eTutor as one of its language platforms for language instruction in Ukrainian, Polish, English, Arabic and other languages.

A fast-track recruitment process is now under way.  For those living in a country impacted by the war in Ukraine and interested in exploring Technology, Engineering and Consulting opportunities at Publicis Sapient, please click here: https://careers.publicissapient.com/job-details/743999817477054-ukrainians-seeking-employment-it-specialists-warsaw.


Publicis Sapient has supported Publicis Groupe’s ongoing fundraising campaign for Ukrainians.  Employees can make donations through a “Ukraine Community” page on Publicis Groupe’s internal platform Marcel.  Donations are matched by Publicis Groupe.

  • At the start of the war, Publicis Groupe pledged to cover its Ukrainian employees’ salaries until the end of 2022, while helping them relocate to other jobs or markets.
  • On Marcel, employees can send messages of support to Ukrainian colleagues via the Virtual Wall of Solidarity; leverage the Home Swap Home program to take in a colleague who is fleeing the war; sign up to volunteer in relocation efforts or help in humanitarian and medical aid; and access the “Hour of Solidarity” backdrop image.
  • Also on Marcel, Ukrainians on the ground can post their stories and share videos, as well as have access to mental health first aiders and mental health initiatives.

Publicis Groupe is also driving initiatives in different geographies, such as in the UK where there is a Bandages for Ukraine appeal.  As of May 24, based on donations received from its employees, approximately 8,000 bandages have been distributed to help treat people injured in Kyiv.