London – Can a home insurance payout truly replace your invaluable items? The insurance industry would say so, but that isn’t the truth. Enter Hiro, the prevention-first insurtech for things money can’t replace. Today, it is announcing a partnership with reformed burglar and veteran security consultant, Michael Fraser, who will be bringing his experience from both sides of the industry to the Hiro community, enabling members to proactively protect their homes.

Fraser was wrapped up in the world of crime as a teenager, but is now one of the most sought-after home security consultants in the country. He has co-presented many well-known TV programmes, and brings with him a wealth of home security experience.

“You’re told that insurance is there to protect you, but actually, that is a common lie throughout the industry. We know that once your invaluable items are gone, they’re gone, regardless of whether you get a payout. This is why we’ve brought Michael on board – to empower our members to proactively protect their homes,” says Krystian Zajac, cofounder and CEO at Hiro. “Of course, we’re still there to pay out if bad things happen, but we also help our community to make their homes more secure – and we reward them for doing so. Partnering with Michael is the next phase of this, and his advice to our members will really help them to develop safer habits and proactively protect items that can’t be replaced by money alone.”

This announcement boosts Hiro’s proactive security offering. The insurtech company already rewards members for using smart tech to protect their homes by giving them a fairer price on their home insurance, and a discount on many smart home products from a myriad of partners, including Ring, Philips Hue and Yale. To take proactive protection a step further, Hiro will be working with Fraser to provide live Q&As, security ‘tips and tricks’, home security walk-throughs, and personal home security consultancies for Hiro members.

“As a youngster, I quickly realised committing burglary was wrong. So, I turned my experience on its head and helped people protect their homes and belongings from burglars. I know every trick in the book, and it frustrates me that most people only seem to adopt security measures and practises once they have been burgled. The first piece of advice I always give people is to imagine they have locked themselves out of their home – how would they get in? Because if they know there is a weakness, you can be sure a burglar will spot it,” says Michael Fraser. “Hiro excites me as it shares that passion for proactivity, which I have never seen from an insurance company. I am looking forward to meeting the Hiro community and my impartial, expert advice will really help members to step up their home security.”