LONDON, UK – June 1, 2022 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, today announced that it has expanded its go-to-market relationship with Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering solutions, to build and deliver joint industry solutions based on the Mendix low-code platform. Mendix and Capgemini have been working together on multiple insurance-related engagements since 2011 in France, Netherlands, UK, and the Americas.

“As a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology, Capgemini has extensive insurance domain capabilities and resources.” said Jethro Borsje, chief ecosystems solutions officer at Mendix. “The company understands the strategic impact of low-code and how insurance organizations can best use it to optimize operations and customer experience. Together, we will jointly build and deliver solutions that make the insurance industry more efficient.”

How the pandemic impacted the insurance industry

The whipsaw effects of the pandemic forced insurance companies to become more digital and agile. However, significant challenges remain, such as providing better customer experiences and automating processes. 

Insurance companies still work with disparate systems that are not integrated, nor customer friendly. Some carriers have been able to engage customers and derive insights from multiple data sources. Using customizable templates and solutions, they can digitize processes much more quickly.

“At Capgemini, we aim to build agile, scalable, and secure solutions for our clients with the most impactful partners” said Kiran Boosam, Head of Insurance Innovation at Capgemini. “The Mendix platform is widely recognized as a low-code market leader, and together we have delivered several customized solutions for clients. Thus, it seems appropriate to combine our synergies, standardize our approach, and accelerate the implementation roadmap.”

Mendix and Capgemini will develop two low code solutions that streamline and digitize critical insurance processes – Direct to Consumer and Underwriter Workbench

Direct to Consumer (D2C)

As we become a more agile and web-based society, many insurance carriers are changing the way they engage their customer by offering online interfaces. The D2C solution is a chassis that enables Insurance carriers to deliver “quick to customer” insurance solutions with a positive customer experience.  Personalized screens offer the flexibility to customize the interface by market opportunity, so you can use the same chassis and apply it to pet insurance, warrantee, D&O, etc.  Also, a responsive omni-channel approach allows you to re-enter the quote process through emailed link, enabling a positive customer experience as they access the tool through multiple devices.

Property and Casualty Underwriting Workbench

Underwriters expect their employers to offer digital tools that make their job easier, such as gathering insights from many different data sources to make an underwriting decision. Toward that end, Mendix and Capgemini are building connectors that link disparate data sources that enable underwriters to have the data available from one control panel. The Mendix platform also enables insurance organizations to go to market with robust, high-quality applications and experiences up to 10 times faster than with traditional coding.

Specifically, Mendix and Capgemini are cooperatively building an “Underwriting Workbench” that connects front-end experiences with backend systems such as Guidewire, so underwriters can better manage tasks, workflows, assignments, and reassignments. It also has the capability to enable a 360-degree view of the customer as well as role-based views for underwriters, brokers, and different lines of business.

“The benefit of these solutions and working with Capgemini is that insurance companies will be able to quickly offer unique insurance products, as well as improve the underwriting process,” said Ron Wellman, head of Industry Clouds at Mendix. “This is critical in order to achieve greater levels of efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.”

Join Mendix and Capgemini at the Digin digital insurance conference

Mendix and Capgemini will demonstrate the power of the Mendix low-code platform and Underwriting Workbench in booth #126 at the upcoming Digin digital insurance conference June 8 – 10 in New Orleans. Discover how easy it is to customize the Underwriting Workbench and how low-code can facilitate successful digital transformation.