Saveengs SAS, a French startup created in 2021, has deployed a new mobile application for Europeans who need to better save money.

Also called “Saveengs” (inspired by “savings”), the mobile application is available on Apple App Store and Google Play and will allow users to receive personalized recommendations to increase their saving capacity.

Mourad Ketir, Saveengs’ Chief Executive Officer, explains that the main challenge taken up by his company is to offer a mobile app as simple as possible: “We believe that saving is a European challenge for new generations. The app is light, free, transparent and efficient. Anybody can install and use Saveengs in a minute.”

Saveengs is a robo-advisor, an automatic pocket advisor that notifies users as soon as they can transfer 20 euros to a savings account, or failing that to keep them in a piggy bank.

With this app, the startup focuses on financial inclusion and intends to help thousands of students and low-mid income workers to save small amounts of money over the long term. The company is currently working on partnerships to promote its application to those who cannot save regularly.

The Saveengs application is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play in the Euro area, with an interface in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese.