TORONTO—July 8, 2021—Cascades Financial Solutions Inc., a PureFacts company, and Flinks announced today a strategic partnership to provide financial services firms with a best-in-class retirement income planning experience. The collaboration will see the integration of Cascades’ decumulation planning engine with Flinks’ financial data aggregation and analytics platform.

Together, Cascades and Flinks believe in a world where the opportunity to create wealth is accessible to all. Both companies aim to build meaningful wealthtech solutions that empower Canadians to live their best lives. Since the 1960’s and 70’s, the financial advice industry has been focused on addressing one primary concern from their clients: “How much money do I need to retire?” Today, those same clients now have a different primary concern: “Will I have enough money to live and enjoy my retirement?”

Cascades’ mission is to help advisors give their clients the confidence to retire without the fear they will run out of money, and to provide the peace of mind that their estate values have been maximized for future generations. This strategic partnership furthers this goal by leveraging the Flinks platform to provide clients with a simple and secure way to share financial information with their advisors, greatly reducing the efforts required to generate practical and personalized value-add plans.

“Retirement income planning is an incredibly complex and nuanced endeavour. For advisors to deliver the insights their clients need, they must gather the relevant data from a wide variety of sources,” said Jonathan Kestle, co-founder, Cascades Financial Solutions. “Together with Flinks, advisors can now simply ask clients for their permission to collect the relevant financial data, streamlining the experience and getting more retirement income plans into the hands of Canadians.”

“Wealth management had a data challenge,” said Brock Leong, Director of Global Partnerships, Flinks. “Manual collection processes are time consuming, error prone, and never completely up to date. Flinks not only solves that challenge, but also makes sharing information the easiest part of the process. The combination of Cascades and Flinks enables advisors to see the whole picture, plan accordingly, and give their clients peace of mind over their financial future.”    

About Cascades

Cascades Financial Solutions Inc. is a retirement income planning tool that empowers financial advisors to enter the rapidly growing retirement decumulation space while protecting and growing their assets under management. As a PureFacts Financial Solutions Inc. company, Cascades leverages PureFacts’ expertise in the wealthtech market to revolutionize the way advisors create tax efficient retirement withdrawal strategies. Through the Cascades’ tool, advisors can now have the insights needed to provide in-depth, tax-efficient income planning advice to clients. For additional information, visit Cascades Financial Solutions.

About Flinks

Flinks is the financial data layer powering the internet. Trusted by millions of individuals accessing financial services at world-class companies, Flinks enables businesses to connect to their customers' financial accounts, enrich this data, and utilize it to deliver better digital products. Serving innovators in lending, fintech, digital banking, asset management and insurance, Flinks is quickly becoming a global leader in financial data connectivity and analytics. To learn more, visit