ESG database

London - Permutable AI has announced the official launch of its ESG database. Featuring 50,000 of the world’s biggest public and private companies, public access to the database is currently free to search by anyone and provides ESG scores for core ethical markers including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Providing transparency

The full version offers one of the most detailed ESG databases available, providing full transparency and enabling the screening of companies across 60 different ESG metrics and ESG scores. It is designed to incontestably and objectively measure a company’s ESG performance in key areas including racism, discrimination, air pollution, mineral mining, recycling, slave labour, product liability, ethical supply chain management and many more.

Best in class data

Permutable’s AI engine gathers information going back 20 years, based on news sentiment and reporting in the media, as well as other publicly available sources, including company websites, annual reports, responses to analyst questions and corporate social responsibility reports..

Permutable founder and CEO Wilson Chan said, “This is one of the most comprehensive and granular lists of activity extracts of company behaviour relating to ethical issues space. Providing real-time tracking of company behaviour using our database makes a vital contribution to the ESG information community. At time of writing, Permutable has been working on new company data-sets such as covering the global SME market as well as geo-city mapping.”


Permutable's client base includes some of the biggest branded corporates and investment funds as well as some of the world's largest consultancies.

Further information

The public version of the database can be accessed here. Access to the full version is available on request. For further information, interviews or comment, contact Talya, press officer on [email protected].