LONDON, October 26th, 2023 — Vertex, Inc. (NASDAQ:VERX) (“Vertex” or the “Company”), a global provider of indirect tax technology solutions, has announced at its 2023 Vertex Exchange conference a partnership with Pagero, a global network leader for the exchange of invoices and other business documents. The partnership enables a seamless solution that allows businesses to ensure continuous indirect tax compliance and bring efficiencies to their invoicing lifecycle, all within a single cloud platform.

E-invoicing has quickly become a necessity for businesses trading in multiple jurisdictions with the rise of real-time and near-real time digital tax reporting requirements. Following Latin America, the rapid emergence of new and proposed e-invoicing mandates across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East that further push for digitisation of indirect tax is driving the expansion of real and near-real time global compliance requirements worldwide.

Vertex e-Invoicing, partnering with Pagero, simplifies indirect tax compliance and streamlines Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) requirements. The joint offering enables tax, finance and IT departments direct access to data for CTC, unlocks e-invoice clearance, real-time reporting and Peppol access for electronic B2B and B2G compliant document and data exchange.

“The tax technology landscape is continuously evolving, and today’s global enterprises are feeling an even greater sense of urgency to remain up to date with legislative changes and reduce compliance risk. We understand the need for an e-invoicing solution that could both increase efficiency and reduce compliance risk,” said Vertex CEO David DeStefano. “Partnering with Pagero, who deliver the best-of-breed in e-invoicing, together we are introducing the ability to access real-time data in one single portal on a global scale.”

Vertex’s robust, comprehensive solution suite helps businesses manage indirect tax in more than 190 countries. The Pagero Network connects buyers, sellers and governmental agencies by providing the technology for a seamless, compliant and completely digital flow of orders, invoices and other business documents — offering a range of capabilities that unlock the value of precise and accurate data to enhance decision-making and compliance obligations. When coupled with Vertex's adaptable and easy to configure tax compliance portfolio, users gain access to a wealth of combined expertise that streamlines and simplifies the intricacies of real time, near real time and periodic indirect tax management.  

“We are excited to announce this partnership, a response to pressing market needs and customer demands,” explained Bengt Nilsson, Pagero CEO. “Our joint offering delivers an integrated single solution, backed by Pagero’s regulatory expertise. This provides customers the peace of mind of complying with the latest e-invoicing and CTC regulations, regardless of location, industry, size or system.”

For additional information on Vertex e-Invoicing and our partnership with Pagero, visit the solution’s page.