LONDON – Telos (, one of the most active blockchain platforms in the world according to Blocktivity, today announced it is going cross chain to PancakeSwap, after launching over two years ago and amassing a huge list of active projects in a wide range of industry verticals (reference:

Today, Wednesday, April 21, 2021, the bridge from Telos to BSC will be opened, and a PancakeSwap pool will be added to jump start access to the Telos networks native asset TLOS for BSC users. This is the second major network bridge for Telos after bridging to Ethereum in March when it listed on Uniswap.

Telos has an emerging DeFI marketplace of its own focused on providing apps and end users access to fast, affordable user friendly DeFi.

Beginning at 16:00 UTC today, users can purchase TLOS (BEP20) here. Telos network users will be able to use their favorite wallet to move their TLOS(native) to TLOS BEP20 using the ptoken dapp.

Interest facts about Telos

  • 10,000+ TPS
  • 120+ Projects
  • Fast, Near Feeless Transactions
  • Highly Decentralized DPOS network
  • Over 150 founders launched the network in December 2018
  • Features a Governance layer similar to Tezos allowing stakeholders to change the network
  • Telos EVM - L2 Ethereum Scaling solution on way with low fee, high speed DeFI expected to
  • Strong traction already in areas such as Gaming, Social Media, and DeFI
  • Telos Is the #1 Most Active Blockchain in World based on daily transaction volume
  • Telos is rated  #1 Most under-valued blockchain -CryptoDiffer”

The Telos (TLOS) BSC contract address is: 0xb6c53431608e626ac81a9776ac3e999c5556717c