In response to escalating demand for financial tools that democratise market intelligence, UK-based investment strategy builder, Stratiphy has announced the launch of its second crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, which will run until the 7th July. Funds raised through the campaign will enable the company to provide more retail investors with enhanced investment insights, as well as truly personalised investment strategies.

Stratiphy aims to help the millions of people who have fallen between the cracks when it comes to access to investment advice. Amidst a retail investing revolution, many individuals still face challenges in navigating the complexities of investment management. Highly accessible mobile apps have made it possible for many Millennials and Generation Z to own stocks1, but rarely empower users with the personal analytics and insights needed to make informed investment decisions.

Stratiphy helps individuals to make well informed and risk-adjusted investing decisions by continuously monitoring the market and analysing millions of data points. In contrast to existing model portfolio solutions, which usually use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, Stratiphy’s investment strategies are tailored to each user's preferences. Users can take into account specific parameters, including: regions, sectors, risk and eventually even ESG criteria.

These strategies are powered by sophisticated systematic investment algorithms, which have previously been the preserve of major hedge funds and banks. At its core, the company’s technology platform provides people with the tools needed to base investment decisions on tried and tested principles, democratising access to personalised advanced insights and analytics. Simply put, Stratiphy’s ‘no code’ solution is accessible, affordable and effective.

Stratiphy aims to also use the capital raised via crowdfunding to support continued product development and to ensure as many people as possible can access and benefit from its innovative investment strategy building application. The company also intends to introduce a raft of new features including implementing advanced AI techniques across its platform in the future. This addition will enhance the sophistication of Stratiphy’s portfolio construction and risk management systems to provide an industry-leading service built for all.

Speaking on the launch of the company’s Crowdcube campaign, Daniel Gold, founder and CEO of Stratiphy commented: “The knowledge gap poses a significant challenge, leaving many individuals without affordable access to professional guidance and limiting their ability to make informed financial decisions. Thankfully, new tools like Stratiphy can help to address this imbalance. Our innovative solution gives everyday investors access to tools that have previously been available only for those at the top of the investment food chain, and in doing so, can help retail investors to build actively maintained investment portfolios centred around the issues most important to them.

“Our exciting Crowdcube campaign provides an opportunity for others to join this movement, and to help us as we look to get this solution into the hands of as many people as possible. Together, we hope to revolutionise the world of retail investment. We will use the funding we receive through this campaign to work towards that goal and to ensure that our product continually improves and evolves to meet the needs of our customers.”

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