Paris, Open Banking Europe, subject matter experts and advisors to regulators, self-regulated organisations (SROs) and national communities on the advancement of open banking and open finance, has joined forces with its international division, Open Banking Exchange, to form one global OBE.

John Broxis, Managing Director of Open Banking Europe, will lead Open Banking Exchange globally, supported by regional Directors in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

The OBE Consultancy and Advisory team works with central banks, regulators and market participants across:

  • Strategic Planning: OBE collaborates with central banks, regulators and market participants to set out national and local commitments and goals.
  • National Methodologies: OBE provides industry experts to assist in practical and operational design, the implementation of industry-level governance, and technical and operational arrangements.
  • Standards Delivery: OBE tailors standards so that they become applicable in specific jurisdictions and achieve the specific goals of our clients.
  • Best Practice Guides and Rulebooks: our functional standards and best practice guides enable market participants to comply with regulatory objectives.

John Broxis, Managing Director, Open Banking Exchange stated: “Having one global OBE puts us in an unrivalled position to be able to take best practices and learnings from different jurisdictions and apply them to similar ecosystems to help guide and shape the development of open banking and open finance communities around the world.”