OSLO, NORWAY – Firi, one of the Nordic’s largest crypto-currency exchanges has expanded into Denmark with the help of Neonomics. Neonomics has established a strong base in the country with several large customers across different industries validating the security and cost-effectiveness of open banking powered payments and data services, with the two companies working together for

After a strong 2021, Firi has successfully launched in Denmark this summer and now has 150 000 cusomers in the Nordics. The two companies have a long-standing collaboration, emerging from their roots in Norway’s increasingly vibrant fintech scene. “Firi has made investing in crypto a much simpler and easier to understand proposition for Norwegians and we are excited to support their growth to other markets by working closely to evolve our platform and products to meet their needs.” said CEO and founder of Neonomics Christoffer Andvig.

Open banking enables a user to directly and securely access their bank account in-app to initiate payments directly from their account, all within the security architecture of their bank.

Speaking on the collaboration, Thuc Hoang CEO and founder of Firi said “We have worked closely with Neonomics, leveraging the efficiencies of open banking to make it easier for our customers to engage with our platform. We are barely scratching the surface of what is possible through this collaboration, our joint aim is to deliver even more efficient user experiences and work together to deliver even more value to our customers.”