Abu Dhabi, UAE, Finnovating has unveiled MatchGPT®, the world's first Match Generative Pre-Trained Transformer focused on connecting tech companies to accelerate B2B business and collaborations for technology and innovation. It has been developed using OpenAI and AI-owned algorithms and fuelled by exclusive data from the Finnovating Platform, an AI-Deal Matching Platform for Tech Companies. The highly anticipated launch took place at the AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi, with the support of the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology.

Addressing a major challenge for tech companies

With B2B companies spending an average of 10% of annual revenues on business development and 4% on IT solutions, falling Returns on Advertisement and Investment Ratios has become a pressing concern for many companies. To tackle this issue, Finnovating launched the first B2B Matching Platform 18 months ago, with the goal of facilitating business and innovation between corporations and tech start-ups.

A solid foundation for AI technologies

Since its inception, the Finnovating platform has collected over 20 million interactions among 100,000 tech companies, providing the perfect foundation for training cutting-edge GPT AI technologies. The result of this endeavor is MatchGPT®, a groundbreaking AI-driven solution for matching tech companies and fostering innovation.

Key distinctions between MatchGPT® and ChatGPT

Rodrigo García de la Cruz, Finnovating's CEO and founder, emphasizes the differences between MatchGPT (called also Conrad) and ChatGPT, clarifying that MatchGPT® was not developed from GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. The primary differences include:

Focus: MatchGPT® is designed for B2B matchings and interactions, catering to companies interested in technology, innovation, and business; it is also used by Governments to attract and engage with tech communities over the world. ChatGPT, however, is a generic B2C solution for a broader user base.

Objective: MatchGPT® serves as an intelligent assistant to match, connect, and facilitate transactions, effectively reducing the gap between companies worldwide. ChatGPT, on the other hand, functions primarily as a conversational chatbot without matching and transactional features.

Construction: MatchGPT® is built on proprietary behavioural and transactional data from Finnovating's platform, which boasts over 20 million interactions between 100,000 tech companies from more than 125 countries. In contrast, ChatGPT relies on more generic information extracted from the web.

Personalized Results: MatchGPT® delivers tailored results to registered users of the Finnovating Platform which intends to trigger a match and business with the right client/partner, while ChatGPT provides identical responses to all users, regardless of their background.

How can GPT help you?

The possibilities with Conrad are virtually limitless. A few examples might be: identify the leading 7 B2B fintech companies utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning in France, learn how to expand your fintech business to the United Arab Emirates, discover key connections in Mexico to scale your insurtech, find the top investors seeking Series A B2E businesses in Singapore, or explore lucrative business opportunities in the US healthtech industry.

A new era of B2B GPT solutions

García de la Cruz emphasizes, “By combining the essential elements of OpenAI and our AI-owned algorithms with our proprietary and exclusive data, we have achieved extraordinary results in a short time. Our dream that every tech company can do more business in one click is becoming a reality as we now have the capacity to assist thousands of companies in identifying their clients, partners, and investors in a single platform in one click. This is made possible not only through NLP (natural language processing) but also due to the advanced intelligence of Conrad. I firmly believe that this marks the onset of a new era in B2B GPT solutions.”

Since its debut in Abu Dhabi, MatchGPT is now accessible at www.matchGPT.io or through the dedicated platform at www.finnovating.com