Launching today, Puulse is a new financial services platform for freelancers - providing free, advance payments for gig workers experiencing a productivity lull.

For all the pluses of the freelance lifestyle and the prevailing gig economy, remuneration remains a sticking point. Not knowing when – or even if – a client is going to pay can bring real stress. Leaving freelancers financially uncertain. To make matters worse, with inflation and the cost of living making finances increasingly tight. Providing free, instant payment, Puulse aims to redress the balance in freelance workers’ favour. 

Capable of working in conjunction with any freelance platform, Puulse gives freelancers power over their finances. The app-based service enables gig workers to access the money owed to them at a time that suits them. They simply need to download the app, signup, and change their IBAN on the Puulse app. Then, once a job has been completed, workers have access to their earnings instantly. Puulse will pass on the funds in a matter of moments, and then follow up with the freelancer’s client. Ensuring that workers are never left waiting for their hard-earned cash. 

But the benefits of Puulse don’t end there. If a freelancer is experiencing a difficult month, they can withdraw advance payments with no interest or late fees. Covering the deficit when the cash starts rolling in again. And to make life simpler, Puulse can also assist with a freelancer’s self-assessment tax return. Keeping track of payments for a hassle-free submission at the end of the financial year. 

Steve Fepeussi, Co-Founder of Puulse, comments: ‘Freelancers contribute approximately £20 billion to the British economy each year. But they remain a massively underserved resource. With many experiencing poor treatment and struggling to access their rightful funds. 

‘The aim of Puulse is to not only streamline the payment process for freelancers, providing them with access to their earnings instantly. But to introduce fairness and stability to the space. By providing freelancers with the stability that is currently missing from the industry.’

‘We’re seeking to create an entire financial ecosystem for the gig economy,’ adds joint Co-Founder, Mounir Felloula. ‘By producing products that the next generation of freelance workers love, we want to craft a new financial experience. Supporting today’s freelancers and making the gig economy a more sustainable option for the future.’ 

Puulse has launched to UK and European audiences with potential rollout to other territories later in the year.