Frost, the innovative personal finance app, has announced the expansion of its automated provider switching tool 'Save Assist' to include broadband switching services. The

announcement comes in response to the recent 17.3% broadband price hike in April, as reported by Money Saving Expert, leaving consumers struggling to keep up with their bills.

Save Assist has already proven to save households hundreds of pounds each year, and is setto increase over time. By providing consumers with the latest information and best deals, Frost helps individuals manage their finances effectively. With the addition of Broadband Switching to its roster of capabilities, Frost is tackling the rise in bills by identifying promotional discounts and alerting consumers to upcoming contract changes. By using Frost, individuals can make smarter choices about their spending.

The Frost app lets consumers view real-time price comparisons and switch providers, where required. Individuals can also track their monthly spending and usage of broadband packages to generate a more tailored plan which meets their needs without overspending. In addition, Frost highlights green broadband options, showing more sustainable providers with cheaper tariffs. This feature is particularly beneficial for consumers who are interested in making the switch to a greener lifestyle.

Furthermore, Frost educates consumers on greener choices, and will soon be able to plant trees in customers' names for in-app referrals, whilst forming alliances with the greenest

companies in each sector to get its users the best price. During a time when the cost of living continues to rise, the launch of Broadband Switching on the Frost App could not be timelier. Millions of customers worldwide are being hit with significant price hikes due to increasing demand for faster and more reliable internet services, which requires significant investment into infrastructure and increased operational costs. With the Frost App, it is now easier for consumers to dodge these price spikes whilst maintaining a

high level of broadband service.

Speaking on the product line expansion, co-founder Pawel Oltuszyk said, "We are proud to be offering such a valuable tool to our customers during these uncertain times. By providing an easy-to-use platform that empowers individuals to make better financial decisions, we hope to help millions of households regain control of their personal finances."

The Frost App is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit: