HONG KONG – Hong Kong remains a top international financial center after New York and London, and Statrys is doubling its office space and operations in the city.

The fast-growing fintech Statrys provides multicurrency business accounts that allow companies to make and receive payments in 11 currencies, coupled with a human-centric approach different than the traditional banking experience.

Founded in 2018, Statrys has since made waves as an emerging leader in the Hong Kong payment fintech space.

Bertrand Théaud, Statrys' founder and CEO, said, "We're doubling our size because we feel confident in Hong Kong. There is a big demand for the services we provide at Statrys, and the flow of payments between China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia is rapidly growing. We anticipate that this trend will accelerate."

Statrys is an innovative payments solution alternative geared toward SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs. On top of a multicurrency business account, the company offers advanced FX tools to book exchange rates when paying vendors in different currencies. Also clients can add additional virtual IBAN accounts to expand their payment options when dealing with their counterparties in Europe.

Within just 11 months of launching, Statrys raised $5 million, and after two years, the company hit $2 billion in transaction volume.

Already adopted by more than 3,500 clients, Statrys has plans in the near future to expand operations to Singapore and to offer local payouts in more than 130 countries.

For more information about Statrys and to open an account, visit statrys.com.