[Tel Aviv, 07, 2021]EasySend, a no-code platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys, announced a partnership with PSCU, the United States’ premier payments credit union service organization (CUSO). The partnership will integrate EasySend’s platform into PSCU’s back-end systems, helping to export and import data.

Largely due to the remotely-functioning pandemic world, recent accelerations in the realm of digitization have led to a more diverse, complex array of customer needs – making it more important than ever for enterprises to be prepared to handle digital transformation. However, particularly for long-standing enterprises in the financial services and banking industries, implementing these future-facing changes can be challenging. To help meet customers’ evolving needs and expectations, PSCU has partnered with EasySend to accelerate its digitization of data. EasySend will work with PSCU’s Project Delivery & Platform Optimization (PDPO) department to help improve efficiency and the overall client project experience.

This strategic collaboration comes as PSCU works to migrate to a new platform that will offer self-service solution enrollments to their financial institutions while maintaining a high-quality experience. EasySend offers PSCU a scalable and multi-tenant client-facing platform that is easy to implement and can accommodate high-level user experiences even as they undergo complex business growth.

“We couldn’t be happier about partnering with PSCU on their digitization journey,” said EasySend CEO and Co-founder Tal Daskal. “EasySend is excited to help provide the digital experiences that will enhance their customers’ experiences and keep them competitive in today’s ever-changing digital world.”

EasySend offers a cloud-based, no-code development platform to banks, insurers, and financial service companies in the United States, Europe, Japan and Israel. The company transforms paperwork into seamless digital journeys with unprecedented speed, and their platform – an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with pre-made templates – does not require any programming expertise, allowing non-developer employees to assist in digital transformation. The platform greatly improves customer experience (CX), reduces time to market and cuts operational costs. By continuously developing digital journeys to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, EasySend enables businesses flexibility to respond to the ever-changing business environment and customer needs.

“EasySend’s intuitive platform will help us execute our strategic vision for digitizing and automating our client project experience with greater speed,” said Dan Rosen, SVP, Project Delivery & Platform Operations at PSCU. “As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a digital shift throughout our industry, we have continued to look for ways to automate and identify the right partners to help us optimize our processes and user experience. Partnering with EasySend will help PSCU continue to deliver an unparalleled experience to our financial institutions.”