AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- AUGUST 6, 2020 (via Blockchain Wire) -- Digital asset trading, research and data company Brave New Coin today announced an agreement that extends their partnership with BTSE, a multi-currency spot and futures trading platform, to deliver five additional indices by the end of the year. The first new product delivered by Brave New Coin will be a DeFi index, as BTSE seeks to grow its suite of offerings in the decentralized finance marketplace. BTSE is custom built to bring efficiency, liquidity, and stability to the digital asset trading sector. 

“As interest in DeFi grows, our customers are looking for ways to tap into the open finance ecosystem, and Brave New Coin’s sophisticated tools will help us deliver these highly sought-after products,” said Jonathan Leong, CEO at BTSE. 

Last year, Brave New Coin and BTSE partnered to launch an institutional-grade index to track real-time market performance of BTC, ETH, and LTC. Its index product was among the first in the world to track multiple crypto assets across multiple pricing sources at sub-second frequency. 

'“As the crypto market matures, we continue to see traders requesting institutional-grade features. At the same time, we’re seeing an increase in demand for DeFi-products,” said Fran Strajnar, CEO and Founder of Brave New Coin. “BTSE recognizes the evolving needs of today’s traders, and we’re pleased to be collaborating to provide state-of-the-art solutions for their platform.”' 

BTSE offers futures and spot trading as well as multi-fiat on-ramps and off-ramps. The exchange combines proven technologies from the institutional trading industry with cutting-edge blockchain-based features to facilitate a secure, efficient trading experience for traders of all levels. 

Brave New Coin provides data and index solutions for several partners including NASDAQ, Refinitiv, Amazon Alexa, and Dow Jones Factiva. When you ask Amazon’s Alexa for the price of any cryptocurrency, her answer comes from Brave New Coin’s data engine.