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PEX Live: Finance & Accounting Process Automation 2022

When: Dec. 8, 2022, 9 a.m.

Where: virtual event

The global pandemic has meant that automating financial processes has now become a necessity. Remote work, the need to reduce costs and respond quickly to market shifts have all heightened the importance of automated processes to enhance the agility and efficiency of finance operations.

PEX Live Finance & Accounting

With that in mind, PEX Live: Finance & Accounting Process Automation 2022 will be focused on:

- Identifying which processes to automate if you are at the beginning of your automation journey
- Assessing the relative merits of an end to end vs. point solutions for automating your finance function
- Leveraging tools such as RPA and Workflow Automation to enhance the integration of your finance processes, and reduce the burden of high volume, low value transactions
- Understanding how to utilize Process Mining to identify inefficient processes within your finance department