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Future XB Payments Summit 2022

When: Nov. 15, 2022, 8 a.m.

Where: Dubai, UAE

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The inaugural Future XB Payment Summit will deliver a holistic view of recent developments in the remediation technology and emerging contaminants fields. It is a unique platform that connects the pioneers of the remittance world to exchange ideas on the industry’s changing landscape.

Supported by the Foreign Exchange and Remittance Group, this two-day summit will host 30+ speakers and attract 200+ industry-specific experts to discuss the best practices on various strategic and operational topics covering cross-border payments, compliance challenges, data protection strategies, AI and Blockchain technologies, etc.

The summit will provide a platform for the senior, international tech, and digital officials and professionals to connect with governments, policymakers, remittance experts, and sector professionals to discuss the key priorities while discovering new strategies for UAE’s remittance future.

Why Attend?

* Understand the latest implementations of policies and procedures under the digital remittance strategy.
* Enlighten yourself with the UAE’s new compliance landscape to secure your infrastructure and safeguard the customers against remittance theft.
* A dedicated Tech Zone to explore new ideas and mapping solutions for your strategy, keynote presentations and fire-side chats.
* Explore the power of new technological tools to offer better services at reduced costs.
* Draft a vision for cross-border payments beyond 2022.