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Future of Contacless Payments Post Covid-19

When: March 6, 2020, 3 p.m.

Where: virtual

Welcome To FutureCast Webinar

Series Volume 3

Over the past several decades, financial markets and institutions underwent a radical transformation and a sudden expansion, induced by general trends in deregulation, liberalization, globalization, as well as computer technologies, advances.

COVID-19, and its impact on a new and developing social isolation, is shaking-up consumer and business behavior worldwide. However,  countries like Sweden was already moving towards digital payments and away from cash payments.
Some Swedish customers were  already leveraging implant chip in their skin  for Payments of food & transportation made it easier with just a wave of their hand, clear indicator of consumer choice to move towards a cashless world without the hassle of carrying the cash.

All of these changes beg the question of whether modern societies are moving towards a cashless society.  From credit cards to digitalised wallets, EMV/NFC solutions to POS equipments, cashless industry provides numerous solutions for consumers to do a seamless and secure money transaction. This webinar will bring together delegates from different industries like retail, e- commerce, education, health along with global & regional payment networks, merchant processors and acquirers, mobile payment providers and payments industry's suppliers & integrators.