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Business Security & Risk Management Summit

When: March 30, 2022, 3 p.m.

Where: virtual

Organizations all over the world accelerated their digital transformation processes to survive and thrive during the pandemic. This fast-tracked digitization brought in various risks and complexities. We witnessed the evolution & increase in cyberattacks. Accordding to IBM, data breach costs rose to USD 4.24 million as . It has become crucial for security and risk management leaders to adopt innovative security programs and strategies to protect themselves from advanced threats and build resillence.

This summit will bring forth industry experts from around the globe to share actionable insights and case studies around the most relevant topics such as information security, risk management, vulnerability management, ransomware/malware, privacy, threat detection, and more. 

Join us to discover the most innovative solutions and network with security & risk professionals to find the right balance between productivity, accesibility, and security.